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How To Get Google Adsense Approval For WordPress 🔥Full Tutorial

Get google AdSense Approval on WordPress. A Complete Site Setup. This is a Full Process on How To Create A AdSense Approval Ready WordPress Site. Complete Tutorial.

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AdSense Approval Process for WordPress Site :

1. Good Theme Design
2. Privacy Policy Pages
3. 25-35 Post 300 words

4. Image Optimization

Good Theme Design : ( white background colour)

+ Rishi WordPress Theme : Free, Fast and Optimised

Privacy Policy Pages :

+ About Us – https://www.volusion.com/tools/about-us-generator/
+ Contact –
+ Terms and Conditions – https://www.termsandconditionsgenerator.com/
+ Privacy Policy -https://www.privacypolicygenerator.info/
+ Desclamer – https://www.disclaimergenerator.net/

Posts : 25-35 posts

+ Use Copy Paste Method

+ Sites for posts :

CoinDCX Blog – Latest News and Updates

+ Small SEO Tools Rewriter : https://smallseotools.com/article-rewriter/

+ Image Converter : https://cloudconvert.com/png-to-webp

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