A Guide to ShivaHost’s WordPress Hosting

ShivaHost, an Indian web hosting company, has been providing WordPress hosting services at affordable prices. It has garnered some of the best reviews and ratings for its services. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from various clients and users on several rating platforms and online communities, the internet is buzzing with discussions and debates about ShivaHost.

WordPress hosting services are often associated with shared hosting services, but they are specifically tailored for WordPress users. Top-notch service providers offering WordPress hosting have configured their shared hosting to be more compatible with WordPress websites.

ShivaHost is among the few service providers that have significantly enhanced the overall service experience of their WordPress hosting. This review article will cover everything you need to know about one of their most popular services, WordPress hosting. You’ll learn about the performance overview, technical components, pricing, and more, summarizing their WordPress hosting. They also provide affordable Web hosting plans.

Reliability and Uptime: ShivaHost assures a 99.95% server uptime, which is considered one of the highest in the web hosting industry for WordPress hosting plans in India. Opting for providers that can confidently promise uptimes above 99% is wise, considering the nature of server availability.

30-day Money Back Guarantee: ShivaHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of its hosting services, including WordPress hosting. This guarantee allows users to claim a full cash refund within thirty days of starting the service tenure. It provides a safe opportunity to assess and experience the hosting before committing to a longer term.

Speed: Websites hosted on ShivaHost’s WordPress hosting boast fairly good page loading speeds. The average time to load a web page is between 700-800ms, well below the industry average and the necessary threshold to retain web traffic. With websites that take more than two seconds to load potentially losing up to 101% of their total web traffic, ShivaHost’s WordPress hosting ensures better performance and fast loading websites.

Technical Support: ShivaHost, like most accomplished companies, offers 24/7 customer support accessible via chat, email, and ticket system, ensuring assistance is available to anyone with an internet connection. Their support executives provide smart and experienced solutions, minimizing client wait times.

Free Addons:

  • Free Domain: ShivaHost offers one free .com domain with one or three-year subscriptions of their Swift and Turbo service plans, saving clients the registration fee.
  • SSL Certification: ShivaHost provides free SSL certification for websites hosted on their WordPress hosting platforms, with Let’s Encrypt as the authentication registrar.

Hosting Configuration:

  • SSD Drives: ShivaHost servers use 100% SSD-based memory storage, offering reliable and fast online storage.
  • Cloudflare CDN: ShivaHost integrates Cloudflare CDN to improve audience surfing experience, increase data transfer speeds, reduce bandwidth costs, and enable faster page loads.
  • RAID 10: This feature enhances data security and redundancy while improving total data transfer and processing speeds for websites.

Fully Managed Hosting:

  • Automatic Updates: ShivaHost installs a software application that automatically downloads upgrades for the WordPress application. A team of WordPress experts applies updates for plugins and themes, optimizing website performance.
  • Caching: ShivaHost oversees cache clearance for WordPress websites, installing a caching tool that automatically clears the website’s cache to improve overall speed.

Free WordPress Migration: ShivaHost offers free WordPress migration without any extra fees or hidden charges. Their support team handles the migration process from start to end, ensuring a seamless transition.

Service Plans: ShivaHost is currently offering an 30% discount on WordPress hosting services for three-year registrations. However, even without the discounts, their service plans are affordable and reasonably priced. Here are ShivaHost’s service plans for WordPress hosting:


Is ShivaHost’s WordPress Hosting Service Ideal for You? ShivaHost offers top-notch technology and optimal service quality for its WordPress hosting. The highlight of the service is its technical support, which ensures excellent customer satisfaction.

It’s a perfect hosting service for first-timers or those unfamiliar with managing hosting.

Additionally, fully managed WordPress hosting at the price tag of shared hosting is perfect for experienced website owners, allowing them to focus on their website while ShivaHost takes care of maintenance and technical aspects of hosting.

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